This function will provide predicted IRR statistics for various percent agreements. There are two elements in the returned list: model and summary. The former are the results of the modeling function and the latter is a data.frame providing the predicted values for various percent agreements. If stat = 'all' is specified, the summary table contains the predicted values. If a specific IRR statistic is specified, the summary table contains the predicted value along with the interval.#'

# S3 method for IRRsim
summary(object, method = "loess",
  agreements = seq(0.1, 0.9, by = 0.1), stat, k,
  predict.interval = "confidence", ...)



the method used to find predicted values. Possible values are loess, linear, and quadratic.


vector of percent agreements to include in the summary table.


the IRR statistic to return summary for, or missing for all metrics.


which number of raters to print summary of.


currently unused.


the result of simulateIRR.